Sean Sung

"This is a company that is big enough to keep you busy but small enough to care about you. You are more than a number; they know you and understand family is important to you. A good work and family life balance is what I have had with this company and I'm thankful for that!"

-Afeni M.


Anne Green

"I've been with Predator for over 5 years and I'm very satisfied with the company. Management is great, co-workers are great, and I can see myself driving for Predator until I plan to retire."

- Scott P.


Jeremy Riccardo

"As a regional driver I'm home every other day. That's normally how it goes. You're always coming past the house every other day it seems. I'm on a dedicated run now and happy with it. There's money to be made if you're willing to get in the truck and run. They're good at getting you home when you need to be and making you money when you want to earn."

- Dustin L.